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Skyrocket Your Business Lead Acquisition

Harness our AI-powered SEO and PPC expertise to multiply your lead generation.

We Deliver Leads
with Powerful SEO & PPC

Break free from outdated SEO approaches and ineffective ad campaigns bound by long-term contracts. Our digital marketing blueprints prioritize short-term deliverables, employing tried-and-true methods for authentic lead generation.

What’s more, we extend our expertise without the constraints of monthly fees or retainers.

A few companies we helped:

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Our Digital Marketing Blueprints Are Designed to
Get More Traffic Generate More Leads Grow Your Business

Our Digital Marketing Blueprints Are Designed to
Get Traffic Get  Leads Get Clients

Our approach goes beyond just attracting prospects; we fine-tune every online interaction to ensure these potential customers are effectively guided through the funnel. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each engagement not only captures interest but also translates into tangible growth and results for your business.

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Powerful Ads Management

Conversion-Based PPC Campaings

Our advertising campaign management services harness the power of Google ads and the Meta-Facebook ads networks to boost lead generation for your business on the fly. Expertly crafted to drive engagement and deliver solid return on investment (ROI), we custom-fit each strategy to your goals, keeping your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

Advanced SEO Services

Search &Topic Authority Positioning

Our comprehensive search engine optimization services merge sophisticated SEO techniques with authoritative content creation and high domain ranking backlinks acquisition. Together, these elements not only boost your site’s visibility but also position your brand as a leader in your industry.

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High-Performance Website Design

Lead Magnet Website Optimization

Design & development of high-performance websites and landing pages with captivating UX, ensuring an intuitive user journey. Structured for search visibility (SEO) and optimized for mobile speed, our designs are focused on the retention and conversion of visitors into customers.

Digital Marketing API's

We collaborate with a wide range of popular applications and CRMs.

Familiar with a specific app? We seamlessly integrate your website with many of the leading CRMs, email marketing tools, payment gateways, logistics solutions, and a variety of other accounting and diverse applications.

Don't just take our word for it

With over a decade of expertise in digital marketing with website design, search engine optimization, and paid advertising management, we’ve earned the trust and admiration of our clients. They don’t just choose us, they love us!

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Blueprinted has helped me completely change my approach to marketing...

Gustavo has been so creative and collaborative in helping me with all aspects of digital marketing. So many of my clients and colleagues comment on the visual appeal and how it portrays our business in such a positive light. We have a steady stream of incoming leads. that keeps growing. So glad I made the decision to work with them!

Michelle Sorensen, M. ED /  Resiliency Clinic

Client testimonial hebert lamblet blueprinted blueprinted digital blueprinted digital

They built a strategy based on my goals and delivered on promise..

Dr. Hebert Lamblet 
CEO / Vikara Clinic

Client testimonial daniel badre blueprinted blueprinted digital blueprinted digital

What an amazing group to work with. The SEO results are just incredible..

Daniel Badre
Founder / Badre Law

Client testimonial elda sarte nose blueprinted blueprinted digital blueprinted digital

They developed a narrative that personalizes our vision..

Elda Sartè-Nose 
President / TC Migration

Client testimonial jonathan richardson blueprinted blueprinted digital blueprinted digital

Their team provided a clear roadmap to better position ourselves online..

Jon Richardson 
Partner / Richardson Hall

SEO & Advertising Mastery Turbocharged with AI-Powered Tools

We take pride in staying at the forefront of technological advancements to deliver unparalleled client results. State-of-the-art AI-powered tools further enhance our 18+ years of expertise in Advanced SEO, competitive Ads Management, and performance-based Web Design. These tools serve as invaluable assets in our quest to maximize the effectiveness of our services and ensure the success of our client’s digital endeavours.

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One of the primary AI tools we leverage is advanced data analytics software. This powerful tool enables us to gather and analyze vast amounts of data from various online sources, providing deep insights into market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitor strategies. By harnessing this data-driven approach, we can develop highly targeted SEO, ads, and web design strategies that are tailored to our clients’ specific goals and objectives.

Additionally, we utilize AI-powered automation tools to streamline and optimize our processes. These tools allow us to automate repetitive tasks, such as keyword research, content optimization, ad campaign management, and website updates. By automating these tasks, we can free up valuable time and resources, allowing our team to focus on more strategic initiatives and deliver faster results for our clients.

We employ AI-driven predictive analytics tools to forecast future trends and anticipate changes in the digital landscape. This proactive approach enables us to stay ahead of the curve and adapt our strategies accordingly, ensuring long-term success for our clients. Combined with our extensive experience and industry knowledge, these AI-powered tools empower us to deliver exceptional outcomes and drive measurable growth for businesses of all sizes.

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